1Win Aviator

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Estimated read time 10 min read

1Win Aviator is one of the most popular games on the site and for a good reason. It is a highly engaging crash game with high payouts and a wide betting range. Users who decide to enjoy it for real may win up to x1,000,000 of their initial wager! Sign up for 1Win, claim a 500% welcome reward, and use it to play Aviator!

How Does 1Win Aviator Work?

Aviator is a random game that does not require you to have previous experience. Though you may use a few strategies, there is no need to remember combinations like in table games. To get started, you should launch the game and decide on the bet sum.

Next, wait for 5 seconds until the round starts and cash out the bet. As you can see, your own luck is the only thing you should rely on. Feel free to place two bets instead of one and increase your chances for success. Also, you can try an Auto Bet mode. Simply set up the sum you want to place every next round and a target multiplier. Here is a simple example you can check out to get a big picture.

You launch the game and place a 200 INR bet. Next, you wait until the aircraft reaches the target multiplier (for example, x1,50) and cash out winnings. If the plane did not fly away, you receive your bet + the multiplier value (200 x 1,50 = 300 INR). Learn more about 1Win Aviator features from the table below.

Year of release 2019
Betting range0,1 – 1000
Maximum winx1,000,000
RTP 97%
ThemeAircraft, Arcader
TechnologyHTML5, JS
Popular alternatives JetX, Lucky Jet, Plinko

How to Open an Aviator Account at 1Win

The process of registering at the 1Win casino to play Aviator

Ready to start playing Aviator 1Win? Scroll down and explore the way how you can register at 1Win and start playing!

  1. Open the 1Win platform. Launch the 1Win website and hit the registration button.
  2. Choose the registration option. Select one of the sign-up methods and fill in the required details. Don’t forget to claim a welcome bonus and use the promo code.
  3. Finish the registration procedure. Agree to the 1Win’s T&Cs and click to submit the action. 

Now, you can verify your personal profile. Also, you may skip it and begin your gambling journey right away. However, verification will be crucial for cashing out winnings in the future. 

How to Play the Aviator for Real Money?

Is it your first time on 1Win? Then check the following algorithm you can use to start playing Aviator! It may be helpful regardless of the device you use to play.

  1. Sign up on the site. Create your 1Win profile and add money to the balance.
  2. Locate the game. Visit the section with casino games, find Aviator, and launch it.
  3. Place a bet. Decide on the sum you want to wager and bet during the five-second pause between rounds. If you are interested in insuring your bankroll, you may split the sum between two bets. Feel free to activate an Auto Bet/Cashout option as well. 
  4. Cash out the bet. Wait until the round starts and withdraw the stake until the aircraft flies away.

The Aviator game 1Win caters to the needs of cautious players and high rollers. Thus, you may use a betting sum within the 0.1 USD (8 INR) to 100 USD (8,337 INR) range. After you choose the stake sum, you should click the “Bet” button. When the plane reaches the target multiplier, click the “Cash Out” button. If you check the right-side menu, you may find more info about bets. For instance, you can learn about the biggest bet, the highest multiplier, the heftiest win, etc. A bit lower, there is a green icon you can click and check the randomness of the round outcome.

1Win Welcome Bonus

1win offers welcome bonus for Indian players

1Win gives a perfect opportunity to start playing Aviator with a hefty welcome reward. Thus, if you are a newcomer, you may claim a 500% bonus on registration. It is distributed among the first four deposits and can bring you the maximum sum of 8,704,140 INR

In order to send money from the casino to the main account, the user must lose funds playing games. The wagering process works according to the following scheme.

Previous day lossPrevious day loss % 
65 USD (≈5,419 INR)1%
250 USD (≈20,845 INR)2%
650 USD (≈54,197 INR)3%
1,300 USD (≈108,394 INR)4%
6,500 USD (≈541,974 INR)5%
9,100 USD (≈758,764 INR)10%
13,000 USD (≈1,083,949 INR)20%

To get a welcome reward, you must claim it on registration or soon after the account is created. After that, you may deposit the minimum required sum so the system can credit you a sign-up reward.

1Win Aviator Demo

Don’t want to risk your own funds? Then, hover over the Aviator game and launch it in a demo mode. This option does not differ from the regular version in terms of functionality. However, you can not cash out the winnings you get. While playing in demo mode, you use special credits. A free-play mode is a handy way to understand the game’s mechanics without spending your bankroll.

1Win Aviator Mobile App

If you decide to play on the go, you may use a mobile version of the 1Win site. However, it is better to pass the 1Win Aviator APK download process directly from the casino’s official website. To do so, you should launch the site, hit the app’s icon and choose the “Add” option. 

Then, locate the APK, launch it, and follow simple instructions. The Aviator 1Win APK provides faster access to the casino’s functionality and shows better stability. If you play on an iOS device, you can get a 1Win shortcut on your iPhone or iPad and quickly access your favorite game. 

1Win Aviator Top Features

Understanding the main Aviator features is important to getting the most out of the gameplay. Since this crash game is fairly simple, you can quickly set up all its features and start playing for real money. However, remember that it is better to start with demo mode. 

Auto Bet

This feature helps you choose the specific sum that will be placed automatically before every next round. It is convenient for playing with minimal intervention and may also be helpful if you decide to stick to a specific strategy. 

Auto Withdrawal

With Auto Cashout, you can set up the specific multiplier value upon reaching the point at which the system will withdraw the bet. Thus, it can save you time since you do not need to click to withdraw your bet every time. Auto withdrawal may be helpful for cautious players (for example, cashing out at x1.01) as well as high rollers (withdrawing at x5 and more).


Using the Aviator’s leaderboard, you can check your position and the situation of all other players. This option does not impact gameplay directly but can motivate you to keep betting and test your luck!

In-game Chat

Using an in-game chat, users may communicate with other 1Win players. Enjoy it to express your ideas, share experience, and more. This is a powerful socializing tool and one of the distinguishing features of the Aviator game by 1Win and most other instant-win games.

How to Win at 1Win Aviator: Tips and Tricks

Aviator is a random game, so no strategy can guarantee success. However, you may use the following tips to increase the probability of your win.

  • Use two simultaneous bets to increase your chances for success;
  • Do not neglect the Auto Bet mode, especially if you chose a specific strategy approach (low-, medium-, or high-risk);
  • Explore live statistics to understand the situation, recent winning rates, and more;
  • Never start with the big bets, but gradually increase the stake’s sum;
  • Test your luck using Martingale (doubling on losing funds) or Reverse Martingale (doubling on winning) strategies.

Keep in mind that Aviator is a highly engaging game with a serious addiction potential. Thus, you should always adhere to the rules for responsible gambling and manage your bankroll.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings?

Won money playing Aviator? Then, check how you can cash out winnings on 1Win.

  1. Open the 1Win site. Use your 1Win Aviator login data to proceed to your personal profile, and then click on the “Withdrawal” button. 
  2. Choose the banking gateway. Pick the preferred banking method and type in the info 1Win required. 
  3. Submit the cash-out transaction. Explore the available limits and choose the sum you want to cash out. Then, click to confirm the withdrawal.

As a rule, you will receive your money without delay (unless your account has penalties). 

Pros and Cons of 1Win Aviator Online

Explore the main advantages and drawbacks of playing 1Win Aviator online. It will definitely help you make a well-informed decision.


  • A dynamic gameplay with short breaks between rounds;
  • Minimalistic yet eye-pleasing interface and easy controls;
  • Perfect mobile compatibility;
  • An opportunity to choose within the wide betting range;
  • A sky-high maximum win of x1,000,000 per round.


  • Aviator is a highly addictive game;
  • You can not use skills or experience to win.

1Win Aviator Signals

The concept of Aviator signals implies an opportunity to analyze the behavior of the growing curve and hints when the aircraft is likely to leave the field. However, Aviator is a random game, so this option does not work. That is why you should now rely on statistics, but only on your luck.

1Win Aviator Predictor

If you do research, you can find different programs that, as stated, can give you hints on the moment you should cash out your bet. However, this method does not work as well since Aviator is an RNG-based game, and no external program can impact the round outcome. 


Aviator is a popular instant-win game you can enjoy on 1Win. This game may be interesting for high rollers as well as cautious players. Enjoy a wide betting range, high potential payouts, and multiple in-game features. Among the latter are the Auto Bet mode, detailed statistics, and a live chat. 

Prefer to test the game without taking any risks? Try it in demo mode. Keep in mind that Aviator is an RNG-based game, and you can not use a specific strategy that can guarantee you success. The same is true for different 1Win Aviator predictor programs and apps. 


Is 1Win Aviator Real or Fake?

Aviator is a reputable game powered by a licensed provider. If you are lucky enough to receive a cash prize, you can cash it out without any problems.

Is 1Win Legal in India?

Yes, you can play the 1Win Aviator game on 1Win without worrying about violating local gambling laws. Simply launch the game and have fun with this high-volatile crash game!

How to Play 1Win Aviator?

You need to open the casino account and then launch Aviator. Next, choose the sum you want to use and wait until the plane starts flying. Finally, you need to cash out the stake until the aircraft flies away. Also, remember about the 1Win Aviator demo mode.

Are There Any Tricks on How to Win at 1Win Aviator?

There are no specific 1Win Aviator tricks you can use to beat the game’s algorithms. However, you can try your hand at Martingale and Reverse Martingale tactics. What’s more, do not neglect an auto mode and always remember the principles of responsible gambling.

Does 1Win Aviator Have Demo Mode?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy Aviator without spending real money. Simply start Aviator in a free-play mode and enjoy full-fledged functionality without spending a single penny.